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  • The No Slip Zone

    Date: October 2006

    Features: Web, Flash, Branding, CSS, Javascript.

    Role: Flash Development, Web Design and Brand Development.

    Description: This client wanted a simple one page website that would grab the attention of his audience within seconds. This site incorporates simple but sleek design, flash animations, and imbedded video to acheive that goal.

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  • Aspen MedSpa

    Date: June 2007

    Features: Web, Flash, CSS, Javascript.

    Role: Flash Design, Web Design and Programming

    Description: Client wanted to incorporate nature and aspen leaves into their website while still keeping the color palate that the exhisting logo used. The colors and theme had to be clean and light to keep with the spa theme.

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  • Anka BHS

    Date: March 2007

    Features: Web, Flash, DHTML, Javascript, CSS.

    Role: Flash Design, Web Design and Programming

    Description: A good mixture of Photoshop, CSS and DHTML techniques were used to create this design. It has database features and flash inerativity to keep the user stimulated while navigating through more serious topics and subject matter.

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  • L and L Turf

    Date: September 2006

    Features: Web, CSS

    Role: Web Design and Web Development

    Description: Keeping with the nature of this business and working with their exhisting logo, we created a themed site that immediately identifies the business. L and L Turf provides installation of high quality turf and sod products.

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